Gwen and Duncan got together in Total Drama World Tour, after Duncan properly broke up with Courtney. The two had been flirting long before then, even to the point of kissing each other back when Duncan and Courtney were still together. Courtney has shown a strong sense of hatred towards the two of them because of this, and has revealed her wish to get Duncan back and get rid of Gwen once and for all.

Interaction Each EpisodeEdit


Duncan goes straight to Gwen when he arrives, and kisses her cheek, saying "Hello beautiful." The two stand together when Chris McLean and Stella Carver explain the show, Duncan's arm wedged around Gwen. Both of them smile at each other when they're told one of the prizes is a romantic cruise for two, Duncan kisses Gwen's cheek after this and causes tension between the couple and their exes, Courtney and Trent. Gwen is angry later on when Duncan is partnered to Anne Maria who begins flirting with him. Gwen is partnered to Geoff who she ends up winning the challenge with. With Gwen's jealousy driving her mad, she punches Anne Maria and chooses Duncan to be her partner for the next challenge.