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Episode Eliminated:





Courtney (Ex), Gwen (Dating),Anne Maria (one-sided on her side)


Gwen, DJ, Geoff, Owen


Everyone Else


Carving Pictures, Rule Breaking, Pranking, Acting,


Duncan is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Date Night. Duncan high-fives Geoff when he first arrives and walks straight towards Gwen, kissing her when he sees her and saying "Hello beautiful." While Stella Carver and Chris McLean explain the show, Gwen stands with Duncan, his arm around her. Gwen is seen smiling and staring at Duncan, while they both are pleased when Chris says that one of the grand prizes is a two week trip on a romantic cruise. Duncan kisses Gwen's cheek after Chris says this, causing two people to glare at them. Duncan watches as Gwen is partnered to Geoff, and he gets partnered with Anne Maria. Anne Maria grins at this and clings to Duncan, much to Duncan's discomfort. During the Triathlon, Duncan swims as Anne Maria doesn't want to get her hair wet. Duncan purposely tries to move Anne Maria's raft into the mines as he doesn't want to deal with her laziness, attitude and attraction towards him. During the bike race, Duncan speeds, causing Anne Maria to scream and hold tightly onto him, she says that he's even cuter then her ex, Vito, Duncan yells at her because of this, claiming that he has a girlfriend that he loves. Anne Maria runs with Duncan in the next Triathlon leg, but stops after becoming too tired. Duncan rolls his eyes and says, "You're not a princess, you can handle running another mile." A mutated bunny also chases after Anne Maria and Duncan, until Anne Maria kicks it away, to which Duncan smiles to. The two come second to last, and Anne Maria still clings to Duncan and attempts to kiss him after learning that they didn't lose, this angers Gwen, and she approaches Anne Maria, punches her in the face. Duncan laughs and says, "I've been wanting to do that all day." Duncan and Gwen then kiss as Gwen picks Duncan to be her partner, as a reward for winning the challenge.


  • Despite dating Gwen, Duncan isn't threatened by Gwen and Geoff's friendship.
    • However, Bridgette is threatened as Courtney warned Bridgette that Gwen might steal her man too.

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